Exuberante granola bowl

Despite being at home, nobody wants to start the day with hours in the kitchen, even though the idea of a deliciously healthy breakfast is very enticing. This breakfast, while scrumptious, is just the way you want it: delicious, healthy, simple and easy to prepare.

The base, the smoothie, as has become the custom here at home, takes frozen banana, other fruits and dairy-free drinks. This combination is very simple and always works well.

Smoothie recipe:

- 1 frozen banana

- 200g frozen blueberries

- 100ml dairy-free drink - I recommend coconut, but could be any other


. Exuberante coconut granola

. banana

. pomegranate

You can substitute the fruits for others, it depends a little on what we have at home. It tastes great with pineapple, kiwi...

Let us know if you like it!