Do you take Eattitude in your heart?

Then this page is for you.

Here we launch challenges and propose actions or hobbies, always with healthy eating in mind, Eattitude in the heart, and lots of fun in the soul. With us you can be an influencer, director, actor/actress, poet, artist, cook, whatever you want, from the most unusual to the simplest always, there it is, with Eattitude in your heart.

Eattitude Ambassador

Today we are all influencers. Influencers from our mother, our friends, our friends' friends, a thousand followers or just our better half. We add to this great truth the truth that we are genuine and transparent and the truth that we want to be more and more true. It looks confusing but it's not. Basically, who better to talk about us than our consumers?Who better to talk about us than genuine people who truly consume our products?

In an age of social media, of spontaneous selfies that are not instantaneous, of moments painstakingly prepared to feel real and lives as happy as they are empty, we look for truth and spontaneity. And we add intensity, love and a good laugh.

Are you also looking for truth and spontaneity? Want to be an Eattitude Ambassador?

CASTING WILL OPEN SOON.We will send news through the newsletter and social networks.STAY TUNED.