Cashew and Mango Cream with Reguila Granola

Remember the cashew cream from the previous recipe? And remember that it can be kept in the refrigerator for other uses? Well, this is the most practical and easy way to make a delicious fruit cream. This time I added mango, but it also goes great with strawberries, bananas, peaches ... the trick is to have fresh, ripe and sweet fruit.

It is a good base for granola bowls, but it can very well be the filling of a tartine, a dessert, a cold snack for the summer ... If you want I can go publishing ideas.

The recipe is simple:

. Cashew cream (recipe in the previous post)

. Fresh fruit (as you like)

Just put it all together in a processor, mix it and you're done.

The Granola is our Reguila, made with puffed rice, sweet, light, crunchy and delicious. As for the fruit, blueberries go very well, but you can choose raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.