We support those who are for love, sustainability and for smiling every day, for everything and for nothing. We like close relationships, we are here for those who need us and we support those who defend our causes.

Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team

We support the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team, because we share the same commitment to the Environment.

The Mirpuri Foundation believes that sailing is a sport that brings people closer to the oceans. Through the ''Turn the Tide on Plastic" campaign in the 2017-18 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team was part of a global movement against plastic pollution. In 2021 it reaffirmed its commitment to the environment and, with the objective of raising awareness and promoting significant actions on climate change, it participated in the European Ocean Race with the motto "Racing for the Planet", ending up being the great winner of the regatta.

It was with great pride that Eattitude helped this spectacular team, who chose our granolas for their daily breakfast during training and regattas. We are their fans and they are our fans. Congratulations champions!

Bernardo Freitas

Bernardo Freitas, the Portuguese Olympic sailor is crazy about our granolas! Especially Volúpia - “chocolate addict”!

Bernardo's biggest dream was to compete in the Olympic Games and, imagine: he succeeded! He competed in London/2012 but has also scored points in the Redbull Youth America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race. He's been at this for 23 years and loves the feeling of winning! He has a healthy lifestyle and knows that sports and food are essential, but also fun. He is a sweet tooth (“chocolate addict”, did you hear?), likes to cook and loves Bacalhau à Brás. He knows the importance of eating organic, local and unprocessed, and he also recognizes the impact that food has, and will have in the long term, on his performance.

We surrender to his charm when he said to exchange a Pastel de Nata for our granolas... that we could only be Bernardo's partners!

Constança Gorito

Eattitude has been part of Constança Gorito's sports career since the beginning. And Constança is part of our life!

She started playing Padel 3 years ago, but he always knew what his goal was: “get to the top.”

In 2019 Constança distinguished herself in his 1st National Championship, having entered the "Ranking Nacional de Jovens", where she remains until today.

Its doom is an açaí with Elegant or Volupia granola and almond paste! Or simply a banana with granola…

With Constança we want to continue sharing the victories but also her recipes!

Rodrigo Janeiro

Rodrigo knows that being a champion is not easy.

He trains 4 hours a day and knows that rest and food are essential.

Of course he chooses Eattitude for breakfast and snacks throughout the day!

Rodrigo counts on us and we count on Rodrigo to make us proud.

Thanks, Rodrigo!

Tiago Campos

Tiago Campos is our Open Water Swimming Champion! He qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. And count on Eattitude granola to give you energy every morning.

His athlete profile is impressive: he is 21 years old, has been swimming since he was 3 and has been competing for 14 years. The Olympic Games have always been his dream, but he has already felt fulfilled with his 20th place in the FINA / CNSG Diving World Series 2021 World Cup in Qatar. He believes that everything in his life is important to “win and evolve”, which is why he does not neglect the importance of food.
He surrenders to "Cozido à Portuguesa" and conquers everyone with his Bolognese, but he knows that selected and organic ingredients are essential for a balanced diet.That's why he chose Eattitude for light meals, kitchen accessories and snacks. First, he surrendered to our packaging and communication, until he realized that the essentials of Eattitude are the quality of the ingredients and the importance of flavors.

We are proud and will always be on Tiago's side. Congratulations!

Giulietta Sailing Team

Go Giulietta!

It is with great pleasure that we are part of this crew!