Ice cream is ice cream, nothing quite compares. We can invent a thousand wonderful desserts but in summer, for children (and for many adults), nothing beats a good ice cream.

Nice creams are a great option because they are delicious, healthy and very easy to make. The trick is to always have frozen fruit at home. Bananas are a must because they are the base of these ice creams. It's not difficult at all and it comes in very handy, and a great way of making use of overripe bananas that we have at home and that nobody wants to eat any more.

Freeze the bananas pre-cut into slices and try not to have too many slices in a row to avoid them sticking together in a block, making them hard to separate.


4 cups frozen sliced bananas – to the brim

1/2 cup raw cocoa powder

1/4 cup hazelnut or almond milk - could be 1/2 cup, depending on the texture of the ice cream. Start with 1/4 cup and add more if needed.

Place all ingredients and half of the hazelnut drink in a food processor and pulse well until smooth and creamy. Add the rest of the hazelnut drink if needed to get this texture; the ideal amount depends a lot on the quality of the bananas and how ripe they are.

If you are a dark chocolate lover, you can increase the cocoa dosage. As we have children, we make the ice cream softer, but we also like the bitter version.

As a topping you can add our Volúpia granola, cocoa and ginger, chocolate chips, red berries, coconut shavings, roast nuts... Another advantage of nice creams is that they are versatile and go wherever your imagination takes you.