1. What is an Eattitude's Ambassador

An Eattitude Ambassador is, above all, a person who identifies with the brand, with the values, with the type of food that we defend and who likes our products to the point to consume Eattitude - granolas, crispies, puffed rice or pancakes - daily (or almost).

Having this profile, it is a person who will, for 6 months (or more, as soon as you see it!) represent Eattitude in an influencer fashion, on their social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok) and on ours, because we will be able to promote the content on our channels.

2. What do we expect from an Ambassador?

During the 6-month “mandate”, the Ambassador will have to produce at least 6 contents, which will be agreed between us at the beginning of the partnership.

There will be some actions in which Ambassadors will participate and other optional content.

What is mandatory is that all content is genuine and real, that is, we do not want big productions, filters or prepared content. The idea is that we be authentic and truthful in all communications. This assumption is what is behind all this: to be true, to be real, to be genuine.

3. What do we offer in change?

At the beginning of the “term” Ambassadors receive a free tasting pack so that they have access to all product ranges. Then you have a 50% discount code on our website, which you can use unlimitedly for 6 months.

* discount only applies to Eattitude branded products.

4. How does casting works?

The casting is very simple. Please send it to

- A text about your diet.

- A video in which you explain to us why you want to be an Eattitude ambassador.

5. Selection Criteria

First of all, candidates will never be selected on the basis of their body, skin tone or other physical characteristics. Candidates will be selected according to the following criteria:

- involvement with Eattitude

- desire to smile every day for everything and for nothing

- creative skills and relaxation in front of the cell phone camera

We want normal, genuine, real people. We want smiles, a good mood and little production.

Easy, isn´t it? Come on, come on. Ignore the conventional, disconnect from the most of the same and smile every day for everything and nothing.