If you like pancakes, challenges, and a good laugh, this page is for you.

Why? Because we want to challenge you to flip the pancake in style, with your style.

Do you accept? Here's how it goes:

First of all you have to buy Eattitude pancakes - you can do that right now here on the site (they are 30% and 40% off this month).

1. FILMYOURSELF or be filmed, in a basic, phone and unproduced (as natural as possible) way, alone or in company flipping a pancake in the air.

2. PUBLISH on Instagram and/or Facebook your film with the hashtags:

#eattitude #virápanqueca #tossapancake

3. SEND USYOUR FILM by Whatsapp to this number 91 081 99 73.

We will not answer your message, don't take it personally, but your video will be treated with great care.

Don't forget to mention in the message that you authorize Eattitude to publish your film.

At the end of April our jury will meet to select the 6 grand winners of the #virápanqueca - the 6 most stylish videos ever when it comes to culinary adventures with pancakes through the air.

Selected will be:

- the 3 videos with the most engagement - views and likes

- the 3 most creative videos, according to the Eattitude jury, formed by people who appreciate a good laugh.

THE PRIZES are Eattitude shopping vouchers worth 20€, which you can use for 1 year here on the site.

That's all. If you have questions or need more information click here to email us.

So, what do you think? Shall we go for it? LET'S FLIP THE PANCAKE IN THE AIR AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

Be happy, be healthy and take advantage of the promotion of APRIL, THE MONTH OF PANQUECAS AT EATTITUDE.