We stand for healthy eating and we are fans of delicious food.

Our Story

Eattitude is our family business. Ours meaning our children's - Carlota, Vasco and Joaquim. It was for them that we started making granola at home in 2012. Carlota was 12 months old and we were looking for purees for her that were healthy, low in sugar and tasty. We would make granola, partially grinding it to obtain a flour that, mixed with milk or dairy-free milk, became a wonderful puree. The remaining granola, our lot, served as an inspiration every morning at breakfast for new mixtures and flavours.

Soon the scent of granola became a feature of our kitchen, which became home to countless jars of the different flavours we would create. The word got around and before we knew it, we already had orders. So, we realised that we had a product in our hands that the market wanted and a great opportunity to dedicate ourselves to something that would make a difference in that part of the world which we could change for the better: food.

In January 2017 we took on Eattitude as our small family business and in 5 months we inaugurated our factory in Cascais, where we made a commitment to the new Eattitude family, composed of domestic and foreign customers and consumers, who are now an integral part of our story.

Nowadays Eattitude is our life. All the processes are done by us, Catarina and Tomás, from the choice of suppliers, purchases, packaging creation, design, marketing & communication, sales, logistics & shipping and customer service and we dedicate ourselves to the confection with the same love and commitment we used for our children, in our kitchen at home.

Our Mission

To make healthy eating accessible to the greatest number of people, contributing towards a change in eating habits, promoting a healthy lifestyle and fighting disease, namely childhood obesity.

To show that healthy eating can be, and is, delicious and fun. In fact, it is a source of health for us and for our planet.

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Our Manifest

Ignore the conventional, disconnect from more of the same.
If we all take an eattitude, healthy eating will increasingly become an affordable and sustainable source of health for you and for our planet. Consume organic, support local and independent producers, pay the right price for genuine products; this way you support transparency and truth, you value people, consumers, suppliers, producers, animals and the planet. You are choosing quality and health, you are choosing happiness over profit. So, eat your vegetables, your fruit, your granola and smile every day, for everything and anything.