The scientific-creative department

Our mission is to bring people affordable healthy food, making food a sustainable source of health for us and our planet. In this context, in 2020 we created a Scientific-Creative Department in partnership with Gabriel Mateus, which increasingly provides us with a scientific basis that effectively underpins our product recipes and choice of ingredients, based on the health of our consumers, as well as principles of sustainability and quality.


Gabriel Mateus has a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition (from Egas Moniz Health Sciences Institute), as well as a practical course in Nutrition and Dietetics (Professional Institute of Health Studies). He also has a degree in Science of Religions (Lusófona University) with a Masters degree in Western Esotericism (University of Exeter) and has taught at the Lusófona University in free courses and in the Master in Science of Religions. ​

Gabriel Mateus is the founder of Eat2Care and the Sapphire Project Association. ‘Projeto Safira’ is a non-profit association, founded in 2013, which provides support to cancer patients and promotes awareness for cancer prevention and health promotion. This Association arose as a consequence of a personal story of struggle against cancer and against the countless adversities encountered when exercising the right to participate in the choice of treatment to be followed. This initial experience inspired the creation of an Association that could respond to the problems and challenges related to the disease, as well as promote a more active participation of patients in medical decision-making. ​

As part of the activities promoted by the Association, Gabriel Mateus created a theoretical-practical course on the role of healthy food and lifestyle in the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases under the name "Making the Kitchen a Pharmacy". Following his work on the relationship between cancer and food, he has made several public appearances and speeches in different contexts on the subject. ​​

Eat2Care is a platform of services and products that aim to promote healthy lifestyles, facilitate the global transition to a sustainable food paradigm and inspire for active participation in society.